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JMC Carrying

JMC trucks have a long tradition of excellence and reliability as anyone who’s ever driven one could attest. Available in LWB (Long Wheel Base) and SWB (Short Wheel Base), as well as both van body and drop side, JMC Carrying Vehicles are geared towards meeting the needs of any business requiring a delivery vehicle.

All JMC trucks come with a 5 year/120 000km warranty, excellent part support and 24 hour roadside assistance, offering you peace of mind.

The complete range of JMC trucks is engineered for hard work, dependability and versatility. In fact, JMC has been ranked No.1 in the diesel segment of Chinese light commercial manufacturers for the last 12 years and with quality always in mind, there’s no sign of the future being any different.

With a spacious interior, JMC Carrying Vehicles provide a comfortable ride, even for companies travelling throughout sub-Saharan Africa to transport goods. If you’re looking for optimum performance at an affordable rate – look no further than JMC!

Carrying SWB

All the power of a JMC commercial vehicle while only requiring a  Code 08 license to drive, the JMC Carrying SWB is truly the best bet for any small business requiring a truck that’s easy to handle and extremely affordable.

Carrying LWB

The JMC LWB carrying vehicle is available in a van body and drop side option. Rugged and reliable, the LWB meets all the transportation needs of businesses, whether it be for moving office or home, deliveries or logistics.

Euro IV Models

All the power of JMC SWB and LWB, the Euro IV Models feature lower carbon emissions to meet stringent requirements. A reliable, affordable truck, the Euro IV Model is only available in drop side.

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5086 Falastin, AR Rihab District,
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