Tue Jul 2020 - 9:01 pm

Women Driving Trucks! Jamjoom & HINO



Jamjoom Vehicles and Equipment (JVE), Hino Motors Distributor in Saudi Arabia, Hino is a Japanese leading brand of truck and bus of the Toyota Group. JVE is planning to provide first female Driving Training & Safety Driving on light duty truck. This initiative is designed to support all females to become a part of the work force of small businesses such as food trucks and delivering light parcels.
After the official announcement from Saudi Government that will allow females to drive cars from June 2018; JVE started thinking on how to support them, then decided to give driving training on light duty truck with Automatic Transmission model until they get their licenses. This activities are considered as part of HINO Total Support Philosophy to be real business partner with customers.
The team at JVE always strive to support government decisions and work along with the implementation of Vision 2030. JVE also doing everything possible to reduce unemployment rate as targeted in the Vision 2030 by providing opportunities for male and female on this program using Safety, Environmental friendly (Euro3), and Easy & Smooth state-of-art Automatic Transmission truck just like a car.
The sustainability of the success of Jamjoom and Hino is only a continuation of the success of this initiative, which we hope will be achieved by our initiative, which stems from our strengths and ultimately leads to the benefit of these elements more sustainable, God willing.